Brewer’s Classic

Viking Wheat Malt

Glass of cold beer made with Viking Malt's wheat malt


Wheat malt is made from high-quality wheat varieties suitable for brewing purposes. The malting process does not differ much from pilsner malt production.

The final air-on temperature is normally between 72–80°C. Wheat Malt comes naturally without a husk. The diastatic power of the malt is good, while the alpha-amylase activity level is only modest.


Viking Wheat Malt is used mainly for wheat beers and some other top-fermented beers. Wheat malt is also used for lager beers for flavor enrichment and to improve foam stability.

A typical rate of usage is around 50% of the grist for wheat beers and approximately 20% for premium lagers.

Wheat malt can be used also for lager beers for flavor enrichment.”