Progress through Malt

Malt makes a difference. Find out how you can get more through malt by engaging our Laboratory Services for analysis and our efficient Pilot Brewery for R&D.

Laboratory Services

Viking Malt’s well-equipped quality control laboratories serve you at each of our production sites in Halmstad, Lahti, Panevezys, Sierpc, Strzegom and Vordingborg. We are able to provide you with a vast range of barley and malt analyses based on the widely established Analytica EBC, IOB and ASBC methods.

Please feel free to reach out to our Quality Managers or Brewmasters for help in the interpretation of malt analyses.

Pilot Brewery

We want to turn your brewing ambitions into reality and help you make beers that people tell stories about.

In our agile Pilot Brewery, we brew beers and other beverages for all kinds of R&D purposes: both to reach our own targets and to facilitate our customers’ success. We brew to study our own malt portfolio and to gather know-how of the latest features from changing crops. We do this to share valuable information with our customers for their benefit.

Our Pilot Brewery is capable of producing up to 200 litres of beer or other beverages. We have experience in brewing many beer styles using a wide variety of raw materials.

If you’re interested in hearing how we could support you in your R&D project or help you solve a particular brewing challenge, please contact our Brewmaster Raimo Koljonen.

Sustainability Information

To achieve our sustainability goals and create more well-being through malt, we are aiming to expand our analysis services to calculate the carbon footprint of each product. Right now, we’re still gathering the relevant data to make the analysis accurate and reliable, but we already invite you to read our latest annual report to discover how our sustainability journey is coming along.

Download report in PDF form