Culture of Openness

Transparency and integrity are principles that shape the entire culture here at Viking Malt.

We know that any success we enjoy is all thanks to our customers, employees, partners and other key stakeholders.

That is why we find it essential to treat every individual fairly and appreciate the unique strengths they bring with them.

We like to foster an atmosphere where everyone can feel free to speak up and be heard.

For us, hierarchy and status are not decisive – ideas are.

The customer is always at the centre of our focus and we know the customer is always right.

But we also know that when we work together with the customer and spark ideas off each other with honesty and transparency, they will be right even more.

Values of an Integrator

Our company values are encapsulated by the purpose statement: Together with our farmers, partners and customers we explore all that malt can be for a better tomorrow. As an integrator through the entire value chain, we understand that shared success is the best and the most lasting kind of success.


Feeling like a Viking?

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