The world of malts is rich, not only because of the wide variety of production methods used in manufacturing different types of malts, but also due to the possibilities presented by the array of cereals used for malting and brewing.

By varying recipes, mashing programmes, types of yeast, and fermentation conditions, a brewer can create an assortment of different beers. Further variations can be achieved by using different malts.

See the recipes and brew reports crafted by our Brewmaster below.

Basic Lager Beer

Basic Lager Beer is a yellow-gold hued all malt beer brewed with just using Viking Pilsner Malt as a malt base.

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No Lox Lager

No Lox Lager is a beer brewed with Viking Pilsner Zero Malt. The brewing characters are like with any top quality pilsner or base malt with a special feature that Lipozygenase activity is Zero.

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Red Lager

Red lager is a gold –red hued all malt beer brewed with punch of special malts.The flavor of this lager beer has strong malty character but also lots of fruitiness can be found.

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Single Malt Juniper Lager

This lager beer is a yellow-gold hued all malt beer brewed with just a single top quality Viking Pilsner malt and tuned with Juniper Chips during whirlpool operations. The flavor of this lager beer has malty character with refreshing fruity flavor and a strong punch of Juniper in taste and odor.

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Smoked Lager

Smoked Lager is a yellow-gold hued all malt beer. The flavor has strong malty character with nice, not too overlapping smoky character originating from Pear wood.

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Viking Helles

Viking Helles is a sunny-hued refreshing lager beer brewed with Viking Pilsner, Golden Ale, and Cara Body malts.

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Pilsner rose single hop

Filtered Pilsner Beer with good body together with nice foam and head retention supported by Viking special malts. Reddish color and good body originating from Caramel 50 Malt, bisquit type nuances from Cookie Malt and Vienna adding some malty and nutty tastes. Strong but not overwhelming hoppy taste is coming from Saaz.

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American Pale Ale

American Pale Ale is lighter, a little less bitter and hopped version of American India Pale

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Malty Ale

Malty Ale is an all malt beer brewed with malts from Viking Ale malt Family spiced with Viking Caramel Malt 50. The flavor of this Ale beer is strong and malty, but also lots of fruitiness can be found.

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Viking Malty Brown Ale

Viking Malty Brown Ale is an all malt beer with balanced malty taste and tempting looks.

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Yellow Mellow

It is a special hazy beer with a smooth and nice mouthfeel based on a combination of Viking Special Malts.

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Viking Low And Single

Viking Low and Single and is a strongly hazy, low alcohol ale beer.

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NBDB Still Ale

Viking NBDB Still Ale is a special single hopped sour beer with a strong winey character.

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American IPA

American IPA is pale hoppy beer with rich maltiness covered by hop bitterness and new
wave hop aroma – citrusy, fruity, floral etc.

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Belgian IPA

Belgian IPA is a marriage between traditional Belgian Tripel and recently popular IPA’s. Fresh maltiness, high bitterness and complex, citrusy and piney Now World hops are typical for famous American beer, while Belgian tradition brings in high alcohol content and spicy, clove-like phenol originating from Belgian yeast as well as pleasant and sweet fruity esters. High carbonation builds high, dense, white head.

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Viking APA

Viking APA is a non-filtered beer made with our selection of special malts. A moderate hop aroma together with strong enough malty
taste makes this beer balanced and drinkable. Hazy appearance of this beer supports the taste sensation.

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American Wheat

American Wheat is a simple, but enjoyable wheat beer. Refreshing and hoppy.

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Citric Wheat Beer

Filtered Wheat beer brewed with Viking Pale Ale Malt together with Viking Dextrin and Wheat Malts. This Wheat beer can be said to have well balanced and refreshing taste.

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Grodziskie / Grätzer

Unique traditional Polish beer style, recently gaining more and more popularity around the world.

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Viking Copper Red Bock

Viking Copper Red Bock is a beer where Viking special malts are in the main role.

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Viking Dark Bock

Viking Dark Bock is a beer containing punch of our special malts. The color is dark brown with copper hue while foam is long lasting and refreshing light in color.

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Russian Imperial Stout

Black as a moonless night. Thick as chocolate syrup with rich, brown head. Dominating the taste on every field. Burned, roasted malt, chocolate, coffee, molasses, toffee, oatmeal cookies…

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Trappist Dubbel

It is a strong, malty beer of deep copper color and rich, thick white head. Perfect marriage of complex malts, Belgian yeast aromas, alcohol and delicate earthy noble hop notes.

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Trappist Tripel

Tripel is strong, light malty beer that despite his high alcoholic content is refreshing and drinkable. Simple grist results in pleasant maltiness that is nicely balanced by phenol (clove-like, papery, spicy) and fruit (stone fruits, banana, pear) aromas from Belgian yeast.

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Coffee Robust Porter

Dark beer witch rich malt character and aroma topped with roasted coffee note. Oats and dark malts are responsible for thickness and coffee adds drinkability.

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Warsaw Baltic Porter

Smooth and clean lager character is full of malty aromas of toffee, molasses, coffee and chocolate.

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