Job Paths

Are you looking for more exciting professional opportunities through malt? You’re in the right place.

The multinational Viking Malt family is always interested in hearing from all types of people who share our passion to discover all that malt can be for a better tomorrow.

Your path through malt

As an international company with facilities and operations in five different countries, we can a wider variety of professional opportunities. From production and maintenance, through logistics and purchasing, to research and development, there are so many different skills and backgrounds which you can put into use with us. Let’s find out which job path is the right one for you.

Viking Malt maintenance worker inspecting barley in a malt site

Production and Maintenance

The world of malt offers diverse paths for as production technicians, maintenance engineers, and maintenance and production managers.

As a production technician, you play a vital role in malting operations, ensuring efficient production processes. Maintenance engineers are responsible for the upkeep of our machinery, ensuring smooth and reliable operations. Maintenance managers and production managers oversee the overall maintenance and production activities and are responsible for the health and safety in the operations.

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Two Viking Malt laboratory analysts working in the laboratory

Research and Analysis

Different career paths around Research and Analysis include important roles such as laboratory technicians in quality laboratory or in R&D, laboratory managers, and quality managers. We also employ several brewmasters across our six sites in five countries.

As a laboratory technician analyzing malt quality, you play a crucial role in assessing and ensuring the highest standards of our malt products. Laboratory technicians excel in conducting tests, analysing samples, and maintaining lab equipment for optimal malt production. R&D technicians delve into innovative studies, contributing to the advancement of malting techniques and product innovation. Laboratory managers and quality managers oversee laboratory operations, lead teams, and foster a culture of excellence. Brewmasters pour their knowledge and experience into helping our clients create high quality, sustainable and commercially exciting end-products.

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Viking Malt procurement manager talking on the phone

Sourcing and Procurement

To work with our suppliers in procuring malting barley, we need professionals such as sourcing specialists and supply chain coordinators, as well as sourcing and procurement managers.

As a sourcing specialist, are responsible for sourcing high-quality raw materials and negotiating mutually beneficial contracts with our suppliers. Our sourcing professionals show their skills in data analysis, market research, and optimizing sourcing and procurement strategies. Supply chain coordinators ensure smooth logistics and timely delivery of materials to support uninterrupted operations. And procurement managers lead teams, develop sourcing and procurement strategies, and foster strong supplier relationships.

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Two Viking Malt employees sitting on a couch, looking at a laptop

Management and support functions

As the 9th largest malting company in the world and the 5th largest in Europe, we have a great number of exciting opportunities in various management and specialist roles. From site managers to human resources specialists, finance analysts to marketing specialists and more, the world of malt has a lot to offer.

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Open positions

We are regularly looking for new talent to join us on our adventure through malt. We encourage you to check out our current open positions on the Recruitee platform: please find the link below.