Malts & Support

Our wide selection of products helps you find the malts that your beer or whisky vision requires. Or if your recipe calls for individually customised, unique malt styles, just contact our Brewmasters and we’ll discover more together.

In addition to the finest malts, we at Viking Malt want to offer you the finest expertise, insight and support. Whether you are looking for ways to accelerate your R&D, improve your sustainability, or perfect your processes, we’re excited to show you how to reach these goals through malt.

Machinery blades mixing malt in a Viking Malt malt house

Malt Selection

From crisp and light lagers, through easygoing ales, all the way to dark and creamy porters, the Viking Malt selection has the perfect malt for any type of beer. And the same goes for whisky.

Our wide-ranging varieties cover popular classic malts, characterful special malts, vivid smoked malts, and more – many of them also as organic versions.

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More progress through Malt

Malt plays a significant role not only in the taste, but also in the sustainability, functionality and profitability of a beverage. If you’re interested in developing your products and processes to achieve new advantages through malt, collaborating with Viking Malt is a smart way to kickstart your progress.

Depending on your requirements, we can tailor our services such as laboratory analyses, sustainability studies, or roasting and brewing pilots to discover ways malt can improve your product, your bottomline, and your carbon footprint.

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