Sweden’s first beer brewed with Sprau® is now being launched

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Sweden’s first beer brewed with faba beans, “Bean Me Up NEIPA“, the initiative led by Poppels Bryggeri.

🍺 “Bean Me Up” is not just any beer – it’s a New England IPA crafted with Viking Malt’s malted faba bean, Sprau®. With its robust tropical fruit notes and balanced bitterness, this beer is perfect alongside a grilled meal, hard cheeses, or spicy cuisine.

“As brewers, it is somewhat natural to constantly experiment with new techniques and raw materials. But it is not so common that we get a raw material that can be used to replace or complement the basic ingredients of beer, in this case, malt.
It has been an exciting challenge. We see many advantages with the malted faba bean as a raw material, and hopefully, it is possible to scale up its use within the brewery industry,” says Daniel Granath, brewmaster at Poppels Bryggeri

🌱 Why Faba Beans?

Faba beans are an emerging superfood, a versatile legume that could play an important role in the future of food production. Malted faba bean Sprau® was originally developed with the plant-based food sector in mind, and with first craft breweries from Finland and Sweden Sprau® also entered the world of brewing. In beer Sprau® contributes with a pleasant mouthfeel, foam and a balanced flavor profile.

We’re very happy that Poppels Bryggeri is joining our journey and together with Maku Brewing from Finland is supporting the development and success of Sprau®. We share their belief that the idea and trend will grow. We look forward to exploring this new frontier with our customers and partners. Let’s raise a glass to innovation, sustainability, and the exciting potential of faba beans!

📅 “Bean Me Up NEIPA” premiere is planned for 6th of May!