We're in this malt together

Are you a farmer interested in ways to build a reliable livelihood for you and your family? We would love to sit down with you: let’s discover together how becoming a trusted supplier can offer you More though Malt.

Or perhaps you are in another type of role in the wider value chain of the beverages industry? Get in touch with us and together we will find out how you can discover More new opportunities through Malt.

Sustainable Success for Farmers

Helping our farmers achieve more security and success through malt is a top priority for us. To encourage farmers towards ever more sustainable forms of agriculture, we offer sustainability training events and practical calculation tools.

Currently we’re working to increase sustainability through several efficient avenues, such as the Low Carbon Farming Programme and Sustainable Agriculture Initiatives, and the Cool Farm Alliance. In addition to these established platforms, we’re entering new areas of cooperation with our farmers, especially on projects focusing on regenerative barley growing.

In collaboration with YARA, we are developing new ways to optimize the usage of fertilizers to achieve a lower carbon footprint for malting barley. The insights of this collaboration directly benefit our farmers, and ultimately our customers, too.

All of these practical steps support our overall goal of exploring all that malt can be for a better tomorrow. Done right, malt can provide a reliable livelihood for our farmers, a sustainability-accelerating ingredient for our customers, and a shared source of inspiration to us all.

Working with us

The personal touch

Even though Viking Malt is one of the largest malting companies in the world, our people prioritise the personal touch.

We know that each farmer, customer, and partner has their own unique circumstances and aspirations. That is why we treat each relationship uniquely.

Read more about the our culture and values to get a taste of what working with us is like.

Here to help Suppliers

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Discover all that malt can be for you

Brewers lowering their carbon footprint through sustainable use of malt. Farmers safeguarding their earnings through growing dependable malting barley. Viking Malt experts innovating ways to help all stakeholders get More through Malt.

These are some of the stories from our shared journey. What will your story be?