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More through Malt

Fellow traveller, we welcome you on a journey through Malt. As one of the world’s leading malting companies, we guarantee this shared adventure will bring you More.

More innovation in your beer and whisky development through our exciting selection of special malts. More sustainability in your value chain through responsibly sourced grain from our valued growers. More long-term security in your production through a reliable supply of first-class North European malt. And more agility in your everyday business through open and honest cooperation with our engaged and competent team.

Our journey starts here. Get ready for More through Malt.

Malt Selection
Canvas sack of malt with the text Viking Malt – More through Malt
  • Brewer's Classic +

    Our Classic malts are recommended for use as a base for a chosen beer type. In combination with our Special selection, any type of beer can be designed. These malts can be also used together with the right proportion of different adjuncts. Our Classic malts are high in enzymic power and pale in colour. Flavours are dominated by malty, nutty, and green notes.

  • Brewer's Organic +

    Our Organic choice for organic brews. No pesticides or artificial fertilizers are used in the chain of production. Carefully selected lots from the tested malting barley varieties that are suitable for organic cultivation. They possess the same primary malt characters as their non-organic twins.

  • Brewer’s Special +

    Brewer’s Special malts offer brewmasters a full selection of malts for designing Pils, IPA or any other brew. Typically these malts are low or nil in enzymic power. The usage rate of any specific malt depends mainly on that feature. Flavors are varied - from the cereal notes of the Munich malt, to the coffee aromas of our Chocolate malt.

  • Smoked Special +

    Tune up your product with our new malts with smoky character. The raw material for smoked malts has gone through the same acceptance procedures as all our other malts. These malts are smoked with novel equipment and technique. Origin of smoke is peat or wood.


More sustainability through Malt

We have been on this planet for over 140 years – and we plan on being for at least 140 more. As a company with literal roots in the pure fields of Northern Europe, a sustainable mentality is embedded in everything we do.

Having committed to the UN-led Science Based Target initiative, we work with all of our stakeholders to minimise the carbon footprint of malt throughout the entire value chain, from field to glass.

Together with our farmers, customers and partners, we explore all that malt can be for a better tomorrow. Please click the arrow to learn more.

Supplier Code of Conduct


To ensure sustainable procurement with respect to ethical, social and environmental issues, this Supplier Code of Conduct summarizes the requirements to which Viking Malt Group is committed and to which Viking Malt requires its suppliers to commit in order to conduct business with Viking Malt.

Our overall goal is to encourage respect for Human and Labour Rights as well as Environmental protection and Business ethics with our suppliers of products and services.

All Viking Malt suppliers are expected to comply with applicable national laws.


Viking Malt Supplier Code of Conduct