Smoked Special

Viking Smoked Wheat Malt

Glass of cold beer made with Viking Malt's smoked wheat malt


Smoked Wheat Malt is produced by using the oak from the unique, natural areas located in the northeast of Poland, often called the “Polish Green Lungs”. Smoke from the oak gives the malt a specific and delicate smoked aroma.

Due to relatively low processing temperatures, enzymatic activities and other good brewing properties are maintained. However, special attention should be paid to the fact that Smoked Wheat Malt comes naturally without husk.


In brewing, Viking Smoked Wheat Malt can be considered as a pilsner malt with a special aroma. The flavor and taste profile is not too overwhelming. Smoked Malts can also be used in bakeries as a spice.

Smoke from oak wood gives the malt a specific and delicate aroma.”