Brewer’s Special

Viking Rye Malt

Glass of cold beer made with Viking Malt's rye malt


Viking Rye is produced from high-quality rye. The malting process does not differ much from pilsner malt production. The final air-on temperature is normally 72–82C°. Rye malt gives the beverage a characteristic rye and honey aroma, reminiscent of rye bread or pumpernickel loaf.


Viking Rye Malt can be used in breweries’ specialty rye beers, Rye Lager, and Rye Ale (Roggenbier). Nowadays, moere and more beers even from the IPA family feature rye malt. The malt gives a golden colour and a typical rye flavor. We recommend to keep the dosage of Rye Malt under 7% to avoid wort separation problems.

Viking Rye Malt gives the beer a golden colour and a typical rye flavor.”