Smoked Special

Viking Lightly Peated Malt

Glass of whisky made with Viking Malt's lightly peated malt


The flavor of Viking Lightly Peated Malt is as with pilsner malt with a hue of peat and smoke. Varieties suitable for peat-curing process are used. Due to relatively low processing temperatures, enzymatic activities and other good brewing properties are maintained.


Lightly Peated Malt can be used in distilleries in whisky production.

In the brewing process, as Lightly Peated Malt’s flavor and taste profile is not too overwhelming, it can be considered as pilsner malt with a special aroma.

Lightly Peated Malt can also be used in bakeries as a spice.

For distilling, brewing, and even baking. With hues of peat and smoke.”