Viking Malt visit, collaboration brewing and workshops in Croatia

Our visit, collaboration brewing and workshops in Croatia were exciting!

We had a wonderful time in Croatia, where we visited some of the most recognizable breweries🍻 and presented our malt offer🌾. We were impressed by the passion and creativity of the Croatian craft beer scene, and we are happy to see that our malts are appreciated for their quality, variety and service.

We also organized a workshop on malt usage and the recipe creation process, where we shared our knowledge and experience with influential participants from the brewing industry. We discussed the importance of malt as a key ingredient for beer quality and flavor, and we tasted different beers made with our malts.

We are grateful to our distributor BeerShop Croatia for arranging this fruitful trip and for their continuous support. We are also excited about the collaboration brewing with Brlog zadružna pivovara Brewery, one of the leading craft breweries in Croatia, which will be
a great opportunity to showcase our malts and strengthen our relationship.

Thank you all for your warm welcome and interest in our products. We hope to see
you again soon and enjoy more amazing beers made with our malts.