The Finnish Brewers Association’s traditional crop tour

The Finnish Brewers Association’s traditional crop tour brought together the entire supply chain from breeders to brewers for an insight into the upcoming crop 23.

The tour visited the farm Muuraimen Tila, where Juha Saloranta shared his experience of growing malting barley, oats, sugarbeet and starch potatoes.

Following a networking lunch at Iloranta, we were updated on the global beer, malt and grain markets as well as the new malting plant in Lahti. Senior Sourcing Manager Christian Tallskog shared with the group the latest predictions regarding the Finnish malting barley crop outlook.  From a volume point of view Viking expects a reduction in yield and crop production, the quality will now largely be determined by the weather between now and harvest.

Harvest as of today is expected at the end of August to beginning of September.

Finally, Milla Välisalo presented healthy looking malting barley variety trials at Lantmännen’s site in Hauho.


We thank all the participants for taking the time to join the tour!